Delve deep into your cells and transform your energy with an Intuitive OR Energy Healing Session

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Intuitive healing or Energy Session, is exceptional for shifting blockages that stop you from moving forward with Flow

Any healing has tremendous ability to clear past hurts and traumas, relieve stress, help you through big life changes, improve sleeping habits and bring you into a state of peace and spiritual alignment.

The difference between Energy and Intuitive is important

Energy Healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being. A being that is much more intelligent than just a physical body. A being that exists in multiple dimensions at the same time. Accepting and understanding this, we can then utilise various techniques to restore your energy flow to the optimum balance across all those dimensions. It employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer and uses energy, color and light healing techniques to catalyze healing in the patient’s energy field (aura and charka system) – helping the patient’s break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It may provide enhanced quality of life for the patient, and facilitate spiritual growth.

Intuitive Healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body. Sometimes referred to as insight healing, Visualisation and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. With the assistance of the practitioner, the patient is helped to visualize the blockage and slowly begin to break that blockage down. This may be accomplished by envisioning that the blockage is being dismantled piece by piece, or that the blockage is subjected to healing light and slowly begins to melt away. Whatever the imagery used, the end result is the energy path is clear of any obstruction once again, and the body will soon be back in balance.

Some times in life we really need to step outside our comfort zone and into the unknown and I’m sure you will be surprised with what you find….. – Kurt, The Meditation Mechanic


KurtIntuitive Healer
I am here to stand in truth, to share from my heart and connect in with the hearts off all.
I am here to show every soul that there is always another way. To illuminate the darkness and bring all into a deeper awareness of self.
To open your hearts and touch a space so deep within. With the use of sacred space, ceremony and the ancient sounds of the earth.
I will be sharing in many shapes and forms, always changing as my creative force directs me to what I need to bring forth.

I work from a space of love, compassion and deep respect and honour for all life.
I utilise my own spiritual instruments such as sound, techniques, guidance from my spirit guides, to assist you to clear away any unwanted blockages or behaviours.

BeanieSoul Retrieval, Energy and Intuitive Healer
I feel i was placed on this earth to show all beings that they are ok.. Through utilising a combination of Energy healing techniques involving the Chakra system, Auric fields and Subconscious energy body. And through connecting and utilising the magic of the ascended masters and guides , your higher self and over soul. I bring all parts of your being back into oneness. This allows you to feel a sense of piece within yourself that you never thought possible.
HattanEnergy Healer
I work with a blend of Reiki and other energy healing traditions,
Touch for Health Kinesilogy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Chakra and Aura work.
These sessions aim to create peace and relaxation as well as the release of trauma and stagnation from the physical and
energetic bodies to promote health and wellbeing.
No two sessions are alike as Hattan works hand in hand with learned knowledge and techniques and
intuitive guidance. It is as much an adventure for him as it is for you.


Hattan & Beanie: Energy Healing (Mon - Fri)

$1201hr 1/2

Kurt: Intuitive Healing (Tues)

$1111hr 1/2


I live in Melbourne but try to get to soul fit at least twice a year. Hope to make it 3-4 times next year. Thank you lovely ladies. Your healing skills truly are a gift


Hi guys – cheers from Canberra, where the humidity is almost non-existent Beanie – thanks to my kinesiology sessions with you, I’m thinking along more powerful lines and really expanding my horizons. You rock!!!!

Annette Llewlyn

Thank you both Beani and Nicola for changing my life to a wholesome happy one and a life of learning not to be scared of my path but follow it with pride and honour yourself xxxxxxxxxxx you girls rock my world lol with crystal.


I just had a pregnancy massage. It was absolutely fantastic. I have 7 weeks to go so I am pretty round but the pregnancy kit they have to lay on madenit sooooo comfortable. I loved it. I’ll be back in a fortnight!


I would like to extend a big hug and a sincere thank you from my heart to the team at Soulfit for there constant support throughout my journey of healing of mind, body and soul. xox

Susan Moran

I Beanie agreed to see our son for a kinesiology appointment at Soulfit. I was present for that unforgettable experience. It was absolutely awesome, powerful, and healing. My son refers to Beanie as the White Witch with awesome powers to do good.
There was an immediate improvement in our boy’s ability to sit still. As time went by, and we continued to follow Beanie’s program and advice, I received email after email from his teacher exclaiming improvement and then ‘no sign of impulse control issues’.


I have just experienced THE most miraculous healing of my entire life!!! And this moment will forever go down in history as one of THE best moments of my life! To the Magical and Modest Miracle Worker, Beanie Tompkins who just facilitated this mind blowing healing I cannot express my Love & Gratitude to you enough!!!

Sammy Kent

I’ve been going to Soulfit since they opened and am still going. Small groups, good trainers, flexible terms and a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

Antonette Daniel

Amazing vibe, great people and a wide Range of services, let your hair down in their flow yoga classes. Namaste !


Made your awesome recipe-share yesterday.Vegan caramel slice … Omg!!! Those babies and yoga lighting up my life this weekend. Love love love soulfit!xx

Kirstin Sillitoe

Beanie & nicola are awesome and know their shit

Jessie R

Recommend this place for Kinesiology and Beanie is great with kids, ill definitely be coming back

Saira Ramirez

Thank you both Beani and Nicola for changing my life to a wholesome happy one and a life of learning not to be scared of my path but follow it with pride and honour yourself xxxxxxxxxxx you girls rock my world lol with crystal.

Vincenza Benzie

You girls are awesome. Thank you for today x