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The Power of You

Mens only retreat
April 20-22nd 2018

It’s time for you to experience the POWER OF YOU…

So easily we get caught up in roles and responsibilities that it becomes second nature, life becomes go-go-go, and then before you know it you wonder where you are and what you are doing?

Do you sometimes feel like there MUST be more to this life and more to YOU, but you don’t know if that’s even real or even possible?

What if there was a part of you that enabled YOU to be better in all areas of your life AND feel more fulfilled? How important would it be to learn to access that?

The opportunity is here, now.

Connected in the ability to create a life without fear…

An opportunity for YOU.



Time to tap in


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Where it counts


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Results you will see


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 Relax take some time out for you…power to you.


KurtSurfer // Meditator
I have many people ask many questions about what it is I actually do, for many westerners the ancient practice of energy and sound healing is very unknown or misunderstood.
We have lost our way, forgotten our past, forgotten the teachings of our ancestors. A wisdom that has been forgot, it is a way of living in its simplest form. To live in peace, harmony and balance with all life. And to start we must bring balance back into our being, our body, mind and spirit.
Most human beings hold onto a belief system that has been passed on from another, it is not there truth but somebody else’s. In living somebody else’s truth how do you find you ?
Everything you know has been told from another’s experience.
To be free is to live your own experience and to hold no judgment of attachment but to let it just unfold, so naturally, so perfectly.

Holding no expectation, no it should be this way, and let it be as it will.
Knowing that all things have purpose is to learn and to observe each thing, in a place of no thought and complete surrender.

SteveLeader // Visionist
Ever since I was 17 I have been insatiably interested in working out what makes us tick as humans. Why do we do all the strange, awesome and weird things we do? And then how do we arrange and use this knowledge to get more out of this amazing life?

I’ve been in shitty places in my life and great places, I’ve travelled the world, trained martial arts for over 30 years, worked in jobs I hate and jobs I didn’t mind too much. It took me many years to realise my absolute passion in life and how to use that to build the life of my dreams and although I’m not there yet I’m growing constantly and definitely on the right path.
Combining over 20 years of studying human behaviour and wanting to become a well rounded man I’ve realise that it’s tough times for men right now because if we keep doing what we’ve always done then we will lose more and more good men and more and more women won’t get the support they need.
And it’s even more than that, we won’t realise the amazing ability of both sexes to create amazing lives that are bigger than the sum of the parts!

I am passionate and determined to help men work out what is holding them back and how they move forward into a place where they are more of themselves and therefore more powerful. This is done by developing the ability to work through their emotions and be vulnerable enough to accept the fact that none of us know exactly what we;re doing and it’s stepping into the unknown that takes real ‘balls’ and teaching yourself that you’ll be OK with what ever comes from that uncertainty.

ChadFood Revolutionist // Real
Being a parent has been my greatest achievement, i didn’t go to any fancy
Schools or even uni. I have lived. I have traveled. I have learnt.

I will continue to grow into the man that destiny has laid out for me by making my own choices, and ensuring my needs are being met before I lay out compromises.
Admittedly that last statement would have flown a lot easier before having
a family, but never the less I will alway ensure I meet my needs before others.
This is not something I, nor anyone should be ashamed of, this is basic boundary
setting. Pleasing others to keep the peace or to not stir the pot, only puts your choices on hold.

My diverse career has taught me a lot of life lessons and has brought me closer and closer to my passion, Food.

My experience to date, has been with one of Australia’s Leading Rehab clinics. Leading Naturopaths, Nutritionalists, Physiologists of many descriptions, Personal Training, Yoga, Acupuncture Practitioners come together and create an environment to enable people to make significant change.
I have been apart of the program that develops recipes to cook and sustain an anti-inflammatory lifestyle of eating.
Preparing food for our clients is an absolute joy. Nourishing our bodies is something we overlook far to often. Food is not just fuel to keep us going.
It is a major player in our mental health and overall state of well being.
Food is Medicine, and we can sustain a healthy life by eating simple Anti inflammatory foods.

My goal is to share food and make people happy and healthy with food.
Becoming mindful of what we are eating, how we are preparing it and how it is grown or where it’s sourced, is crucial to understanding the change of mindset we require to reduce ailments and our awareness of healthy living up.

RobertChange Seeker // Nature's guard
Born and raised on remote Central Queensland cattle stations.
I was always a curious kid with a fascination of the natural environment and being out amongst it.
Left for officer training within the ADF in 2003 ,after completing an Auto Electrical trade in Clermont straight out of school.
Following on from the army I returned to manage a family property outside of Emerald before doing my second trade as a builder in Springsure.
I completed the last year of my building trade in Brisbane and started in the fitness industry in 2007.
Soon after starting work as a personal trainer I got involved in coaching CrossFit at the first CrossFit gym to open in Queensland, CrossFit Brisbane.
Since starting in the health and well being industry I have followed many paths and continue to gain knowledge and experience through a vast network of professionals within different styles of movement.
This year I started full time study in Nursing ,leading onto Paramedic Science.

ADD-ON to your experience with these…
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A Kahuna Massage is a traditional Hawaiian Massage  $75 for 50 minutes.

Allow an experienced massage therapist to assist you to release and unravel any built up tension.

One-on-One Healing// 1hr $88 with Kurt

Experience first hand the intuitive healing capabilities of Kurt, by allowing a one-on-one healing session to assist with releasing built up tension. Perfect for setting the foundation moving forward.

What’s the outcome you can expect?

Confidence to pursue your goals and aspirations, trust in your ability to create and your ability to communicate your desires…