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For those who like things a little more focused and goal targeted…
Our one-on-one Personal Training Salisbury South Brisbane, is for you.

Be trained by “know-your-stuff” Personal Training Salisbury, South Brisbane

Soulfit’s Personal Training in Salisbury South Brisbane, enables clients to train in a functional exercise setting (exercises that strengthen your body for day-to-day movements as exercises i.e. Free weights  and no machines!!), in a one-on-one setting to build muscle or recover from operation or sporting injury. These sessions are great for people who prefer things a little more intimate or who need specific attention or a more focussed outcome.

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If you’re ready to take your strength and fitness to a whole new level we’re right here to support you – that’s why we’re offering a special package for anyone who joins with us today. You’ll receive…

♦ A FREE  Health Assessment where we’ll determine your level of health, your goals and where you’re wanting to take your fitness

♦  3 X 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions for only $100! (Usually $150) when you mention this ad

Our trainers..

Are experienced and can cater for all person’s limited by injury or physical restraints.
They work with  scientifically proven workouts that get results
Great friendly, community environment


BeaniePT// GT // Rehab
Beanie is an information Guru on all things health. Whether is muscle, holistic, immune, she will have you covered… so just ask her a question (and she will tell she can’t answer it if she can’t!).
Traditionally trained in Paul C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), she also ventured to do many other Fitness courses such as Boxing, but also ventured into the world of Holistic, which sets her apart from many other trainers.
BUT when she’s not spellbinding us with her information, she’s having a good crack at her inner child!! Haha, let the fun games begin.
NicolaPT // GT
She might look all cute and stuff (and don’t worry she can be!), but on the exterior there is also years she trained as an AIS athlete, so be ready to get results!
When she’s not asking you to go a little harder and maintain strong form, she will also be the one entertaining you at the same time!
Never a dull moment when your with this one!
Grace has been working in the fitness industry for about 6 years. One of her favourite styles of training is HIIT and cardio style mixed training as it is more function based and doesn’t always have to be a long workout to get great results. One of the training tips she likes to share with others is to always remember who are you training for?? Is it you? Or someone else?? She states, you alone can change the outcomes, but it’s not about striving for perfection and what society tells us, but building a better you through PROGRESS!!
SorayaPT // GT
Soraya has 12 years experience in Traditional Martial Arts and during that time has developed an acute focus on correct form, technique and discipline.
She became a Personal Trainer with a strong passion to empower people through fitness. Her focus is to encourage her clients to achieve their goals in fitness as well as motivate, educated and support them by working with any challenges that may arise, because she knows, with the power of the mind, anything can be achieved!


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45 Minutes


1 hour


Make your own Plan!



I am 46 year old mother

of two teenagers and I work full time. vicky after vicky b4I started working out regularly about 5 years ago and have tried a number of different trainers and types of exercise including outdoor, personal training, Zumba and group fitness classes at a gym. However, my attendance at small group training with Beanie has produced the best results of anything I have tried! I now have muscle mass and definition that I have never had before and did not think was possible at my age. I have lost the “bingo wings” and gained strong, hard arms and shoulders that I am happy to show off in spaghetti strap tops! Every training session is different and challenging and I always learn something new. I find training with Beanie both motivating and fun, which means that I am able to prioritize it and find it easy to attend regularly and consistently. I cannot recommend SoulFit Health and Wellness small group training and Beanie highly enough.


Making exercise a priority since 2012

 I started at Soulfit in July 2012. I felt my weight was heading in the wrong direction and after 3 children and being over 40, I didn’t like the way I looked anymore. Also my children said when I started training that I was much “nicer”. I can’t believe I have actually stuck with it for 5 years now. Before Soulfit, I tried other Gyms along with Pilates, Yoga and self-motivated workouts but I couldn’t stick to anything. Boredom would kick in and stop me every time. Then my prayers were answered and Soulfit opened in my neighbourhood of Salisbury. I started training just 2 days per week and over the years have worked up to 5 days per week and never once has boredom kicked in. Every session is different. Beanie and Nicola make every workout a new experience. There are a lot of different activities to choose from at Soulfit like Yoga, Pilates, One on One training but I really enjoy the Group Training Sessions. I look forward to meeting up with people at Soulfit I call my friends. Everyone in the Groups are all very supportive of each other. We are all challenging ourselves not each other (unless Beanie makes it a race). Every workout I walk out drenched with sweat, my muscles will probably be sore the next day but I know each day I’m stronger than day before. Excersice and Soulfit is the best decision I could have made for myself.

Kim Steele
Making exercise a priority since 2012


Soulfit has been life changing for me!

Soulfit has been life changing for me. I have such a great time, working hard along side wonderful people, with the best trainers in the business.

For me its been a slow but focussed improvement that has seen me grow stronger physically, mentally & emotionally. I have learnt a great deal from all the trainers and therapists, they are a terrific source of information and have strong networks to help you on your journey. It has never been about what I can’t do or what I can’t have, its about what I can do, its about balance. This has seen me improve in all areas of my life and now I can do things I never thought possible. The journey continues and with Soulfit I know I will achieve many more goals in the future.


I love the training and the Yoga!

I first signed up with Soulfit because my daughter was going to go too. I would never have ventured there by myself. That really is a bit of a picture of where I was at the time. It was a challenge in so many ways. I was dreadfully unfit – but a bit flexible in some parts and a bit strong in some other ways. I think though that I had resigned myself to being who I was at the time. Overweight and feeling a bit old but generally happy.

Two and a bit years later I have a completely different idea of who I can be and what I can do. I love the training and also the yoga. More than that I just love the wonderful supportive people I have met there – some people who really made me feel like one of the gang! Colleen, Donna, Amanda, Janelle – and many others. Breakfasts on a Wednesday are a joy! Beanie, Nicola (x 2), Mully (and Darko and some of our other old trainers) have been just brilliant. Now I just can’t imagine NOT going!!! Thanks all. x


Time for Me!

I started at Soulfit when my second child was 4 months old. Getting up at 5:45am each morning after being up in the night feeding the baby was quite a challenge to begin with however I needed that 1 hour in the morning as “me” time away from the household. Beanie, Nicola and the Crew are always so positive each morning and always present a new and challenging work out. Soulfit has such a great community feel not only from the trainers but from all the clients that attend. Everyone knows each others name (which usually doesn’t happen at other gyms) and provide support and a positive vibe for each other. Starting at Soulfit has allowed me to find myself again rather than just being “Mum” looking after everyone else. Not only has my body become alot healthier and stronger but so has my mind. Going to Soulfit each morning has become a habbit in my lifestyle. Thanks Beanie and Nicola- you guys are awesome!