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The Essence of You

Celebrating International Womens Week

Womens only retreat
March 9 – 11th  2018

This RETREAT is all about YOU!

It’s learning about how you see yourself and moving into how you want to see yourself!

Recognising how you are and how you like to be ….2018 is about embracing the Feminine power for both men and women.

It is a time to step out of what you once knew (fear, overwhelm, self doubt) and into POWER, FREEDOM, AND  CREATIVITY.  

It’s time to come home to YOU.

Find your light within, through interactive workshops, yoga and meditations…

We would be honoured if you joined us on this journey.





▶︎ Retreat Circle

▶︎ Nourishing Vegetarian Dinner

▶︎ Meditation




▶︎ Walking Meditation / Yoga

▶︎ Breakfast

▶︎ How to put yourself first without feeling shame 

▶︎ Lunch

▶︎ Deeply Relaxing “Feeling is Healing” Breath Workshop

▶︎ Dinner

▶︎ Fire Ceremony




▶︎ Deep Stretch Yin Yoga

▶︎ Breakfast

▶︎ Create, Create, Create – Express your Wildside with a Creativity

▶︎ Lunch

▶︎ Love your life, love you, Love your Passion Workshop

▶︎ Retreat closing Ceremony

 Indulge in nourishing wholesome vegetarian food.
Immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounds of the Noosa Hinterland.


Nicola is one of these individuals that when you have her in the room, you wonder where she gets all her energy from!
It hasn’t always been this way. She has had to learn some pretty tough lessons about herself. Breaking down her ego. Understanding that there is more to life than just money and success. Becoming aware that the most important thing in life is human connection and LOVE.
But for every “bad” (p.s there is no bad.. just lessons)… thing in life that has happened, she is only grown stronger and stronger into the individual that she is today.
Today, she is absolutely passionate about people. People and their dreams. Their limitations. There stories. She is a seeker of the truth, and she will absolutely assist to understand your own truth.
You can experience Nicola, from across the room, in one of her loving yoga classes or one-on-one, where allowing you to be you, becomes her greatest of pleasures.
Beanie is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Holistic Lifestyle coach and self realisation coach, who has spent the last 10 years helping people to live a more fulfilling life. Joining together her skills as a Spiritual and lifestyle Mentor, Kinesiologist & Personal and Rehab Trainer, she prides herself on bringing out the best in people through her unique approach for healing & guidance.
Life’s invaluable lessons have shown me the compassion, insight and skills to understand the intricate yet simple workings of people.

You see I believe there are just 2 basic principles for all of us on an emotional level. We want to feel loved and we want to know we are ok.

So that which was my personal journey has now become my life’s mission for others happiness.

To show you the way to love and being ok. And thats why I’m here. I look forward to working with you. Namaste

Sammy is a mother of 3 beautiful starbeams, a singer/songwriter, sonic love alchemist, lightworker, breathworker, humble daughter of the Earth, Moon, Sun & Stars, rainbow warrior, wisdom keeper and ambassador of LOVE!

Sammy brings an open heart and genuine unconditional love & care for everyone she meets and works with. She is deeply passionate about empowering others to find their own divine connection and passion for life & love and she has found Breathwork to be one of the most powerful modalities in order to invoke these qualities. Sammy is certified as a one-on-one Breathwork practitioner and conscious living coach, as well as a Breath of Bliss facilitator in training. She has been practising and facilitating this powerful healing modality of Breathwork for the past 4 years. She brings a background in sound healing and shamanic work which is beautifully woven into her one-on-one sessions and group work. Also trained in Sonic Love Alchemy, Sammy utilises the power of her ancient voice to transmit healing frequencies to support and uplift the breather’s experience.

Anita is honoured, humbled and joyous on all levels of my being, to be walking my talk, and following my path of truth.
In 2013 I trained with Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader. I am also a volunteer with Hay House Australia, sharing light and love at their spiritual expos and events throughout the year. This acts as a wonderful platform to spread my love, light and wisdom, to further my understanding and to connect with like minded souls. I am forever grateful for all of the ‘life tools’ (conscious breath, connection to self, acceptance, awareness, forgiveness, kindness, balance, surrender, feeling, healing – to name a few) that I integrate into my journey on a daily basis. I see these tools as gifts of light, enabling myself, my family and those who cross my light path to be guided and awakened to their spiritual truth and to ultimately be the best version of themselves…
I am passionate about selfless service, I believe in magic, miracles, the teacher within and most importantly ‘I love what I do and I do what I love’. I feel blessed, delighted and excited to journey with you along this path of healing and divine light., and soooo look forward to sharing a weekend of BLISS with you all. Namaste, Anita

ADD-ON to your experience with these…
(bookings at checkout) 

Oracle Reading 

Experience insight and knowledge through Angel Card Readings and Intuitive Healings with Anita.

$44 for 1/2 hr

$77 for 1 hr.

Priceless for obtaining clarity and insight.

50 min Kahuna Massage 

A Kahuna Massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage perfect for rebirthing.

$75 for 50 minutes.

Make the most of the opportunity.

What’s the outcome you can expect?

Living from the heart, embracing your divine self and feeling a true sense of who you actually are…

Not who you think you should be…