BEANIE had a dream…
She dreamed about creating a place, where all complimentary Therapies,
and everything that could assist the Mind, Body and Spirit… Be under the ONE ROOF!

And that all happened when we opened in 2012.
Soulfit Wellness Institute, has grown into the ever-changing demands of our environment, and we continue to push the boundaries,
however, one thing hasn’t changed…

It is still the most down-to-earth, friendly, open, supportive, environment, one could ever wish for…and sometimes we’re just a little bit crazy….

And that’s all we ever wanted.



Beanie Tompkins is the creator and director of  Soulfit Wellness Institute. And whilst doing so she decided to assist a bunch of people along the way. Beanie has this innate ability, to make everything okay. When you feel like the road is tough and you are embarking on decisions that are outside your comfort zone, she provides space and her own intuition to guide you to your truth no matter what the obstacle.

And that’s why she has now created I.AM.BEANIE

Through her own obstacles, she has learnt and broken down what the critical elements are to releasing yourself from your stories.. and moving freely into being.  She is passionate about bringing people to their own calling to live out their deepest desires, to create freedom, happiness and in some cases enlightenment.

Beanie Tompkins Mentoring South Brisbane


Did you ever have the question… there has to be more to life?  Maybe you felt like you didn’t “fit” in… and everything seemed way to normal??

Well I did.. and it’s lead me to continue to pursue empowering people to be all that they are!

I’ve chased hard to free myself from the chains of life, breaking out from the normal, accepting my weirdness, and now giving permission for others to experience a new kind of normal.

I love the thought of people believing they can be 110% themselves, honest, empowered and delighted to be all that they are… and I want to help people see that by walking the path myself.