Meditation seems like it would be too hard for you.

Soulfit Meditation, South Brisbane will show you how to meditate and find the way that flows for you.

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of Soulfit Meditation South Brisbane

The great thing is that Meditation is not hard and with practice, you can master a lifelong beneficial skill.

Would you like to quiet your mind? Be able to find the ability to de-stress your body in tough situations or with a busy lifestyle?

Each week, the Soulfit Meditation class will assist you to venture into meditation, and see that it is not impossible for you to do.

On Meditation night, you will be guided to take your own personal journey. You will learn to quieten your mind and feel the energy sensations in your body. With each breathe, you will allow yourself flow into a calm peaceful state of being.

A weekly “check-in” (meditation class) provides a perfect solution to enable your practice to grow or provide a foundation for you to build on when your ready.

So let us help you find your true self, because as David Lynch said…

“The thing about meditation is, you become more and more you.”

Meditation South Brisbane


Meditation South Brisbane
Meditation South BrisbaneMeditation South Brisbane





I live in Melbourne but try to get to soul fit at least twice a year. Hope to make it 3-4 times next year. Thank you lovely ladies. Your healing skills truly are a gift


I just had a pregnancy massage. It was absolutely fantastic. I have 7 weeks to go so I am pretty round but the pregnancy kit they have to lay on madenit sooooo comfortable. I loved it. I’ll be back in a fortnight!


I’ve been going to Soulfit since they opened and am still going. Small groups, good trainers, flexible terms and a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

Antonette Daniel

I would like to extend a big hug and a sincere thank you from my heart to the team at Soulfit for there constant support throughout my journey of healing of mind, body and soul. xox

Susan Moran

Amazing vibe, great people and a wide Range of services, let your hair down in their flow yoga classes. Namaste !


You girls are awesome. Thank you for today x