What type of metabolism do you have?  The answer to this will provide you with a customised diet to suit your unique metabolism’s needs

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Are you feeling tired, lethargic, struggling to lose weight?

We are individuals and because of this different foods makes us tick differently. The Metabolic Typing Questionnaire assists you to understand what foods enables clearly feedback mechanisms to occur in the body. For example, your body will respond to Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates differently other person’s body, but what that means is if you were to have a body that responded better to Protein it will give clearer “signals” to continue it’s activity in your system. When “signals” are unclear, your cells begin to suffer with reduced nutrients that impact on your bodies ability to function properly.

Metabolic Typing

I sleep best;

I sleep best if;

I sleep best and wake up feeling rested;

After vigorous exercise, I feel best when I consume;

I do best-maintain mental clarity and a sense of well being for up to 4 hours after a meal-when I eat;

If I am tired and consume sugar or sweet foods such as donuts, candy, or sweetened drinks without significant amount of fat or protein, I;

Which statement best describes your disposition towards food in general?

I Often;

Instinctively I prefer to eat;

Which list of fish most appeals to you?

When eating diary products I feel best after eating;

With regard to snacking;

Which describes the way you instinctively prefer to start your day in order to feel your best and have the most energy?

Which characteristics best describes you?

You have finished the questionnaire… check your email for results.

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I’ve been going to Soulfit since they opened and am still going. Small groups, good trainers, flexible terms and a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

Antonette Daniel

I live in Melbourne but try to get to soul fit at least twice a year. Hope to make it 3-4 times next year. Thank you lovely ladies. Your healing skills truly are a gift


I would like to extend a big hug and a sincere thank you from my heart to the team at Soulfit for there constant support throughout my journey of healing of mind, body and soul. xox

Susan Moran

Hi guys – cheers from Canberra, where the humidity is almost non-existent Beanie – thanks to my kinesiology sessions with you, I’m thinking along more powerful lines and really expanding my horizons. You rock!!!!

Annette Llewlyn

I just had a pregnancy massage. It was absolutely fantastic. I have 7 weeks to go so I am pretty round but the pregnancy kit they have to lay on madenit sooooo comfortable. I loved it. I’ll be back in a fortnight!


Amazing vibe, great people and a wide Range of services, let your hair down in their flow yoga classes. Namaste !


Made your awesome recipe-share yesterday.Vegan caramel slice … Omg!!! Those babies and yoga lighting up my life this weekend. Love love love soulfit!xx

Kirstin Sillitoe

You girls are awesome. Thank you for today x